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“Hello there, thanks for taking the
time to pop by.

My basic history is as a multi award
winning TV and radio producer, who
ended up working in marketing. I'm
based in London and Buenos Aires.

This will sound strange, but once upon a time I was
making a show for the BBC with Princess Diana's
medium, who told me I should be a writer. So here I
am, doing what she said!

My first book, Shakespeare's Truth is a thriller, it's
an easy and fast paced read, a page-turner with
enough depth to be truly satisfying. I really hope
you enjoy it, even if it does contain some shocking
and controversial ideas. Grab the first few chapters
for free by clicking here

I’ve had people trying to stop me publishing it, but
take it for what it is—a quick fun read full of action,
intrigue, and things to make you think!
My background is fairly strange. I have had some unusual life experiences such as living on an Indian
reservation in USA and being shot by yardies in Oxford. But regardless of the twists and turns,
mistakes and victories we all experience in life, I feel lucky to have finally found the opportunity to
express myself as a writer.

Both my current books reflect something different about my view on life: Shakespeare's Truth is a
structured and fast book, which follows a rigorous and fairly well trodden path of writing style, but I
hope with an authenticity to the characters that involves you emotionally and will make you think.
Breaking News is in some ways an expression of some of the things I think are wrong about the
modern world - the worship of celebrity and the power to disturb and distort of TV news.

I think writing is a special discipline, and a great challenge. All you need is a pen and paper, or a cheap
computer. Nothing else is essential. This pushes you to create a purity of expression that is both
utterly accessible and intensely personal. Of course it's not simply free expression - it's a combinaton
of your own dreams and desires wrestled into a form that will be palatable and satisfying. Some
writers such as Tom Wolfe, Anne Rice and Michael Faber create that balance effortlessly but others
churn out sensationalist and forgettable fodder in order to hide a lack of true talent.

I know which camp I am hoping to pitch my tent in.
Rex Richards. Author.